Paperwork will be provided once an Initial Appointment has been scheduled. 

New Patients

Family Chiropractic Care

What to expect

  • Comprehensive Medical History Review

Your medical history review will include a chat about your current health concerns, current medical treatment with other practitioners, previous medical care, family health history, and social habbits (i.e. diet, exercise, job).  This is a good place to start identifying the root source of problems/health issues.

  • Physical Examination

The Physical Examination will incorporate any appropriate combination of Diagnostics, Orthopedic Testing, Neurological Examination, and a Nuermuscular Examination.  Patients will be asked to change into a gown and/or shorts in order to best visualize, examine, and treat tissues.  After the exam, Dr. Holton will determine if further testing, Referrals to other Health Care Professionals, or Diagnostic Imaging (i.e. X-rays or MRIs) are necessary.

  • Treatment 

Treatment may incorporate a variety of techniques, depending on the needs of the patient and specific condition(s).  Please see the "Services" tab for more details.

  • Rehabalitation

Dr. Holton loves to give out homework, such as stretches and exercises.  She believes this allows the patient to heal and teach him/herself how to aid in his/her future health, while allowing minimal treatments.  Individualized Stretches, Occupational training, Strength/balance Exercises, Sports training, Self Massage, and/or Neuromuscular Re-education is taught to patients.

What to Bring

  • Health history, including the names of any other Health Care Providers you have seen for this, or like, condition in the past.
  • List of any Medications, Vitamins, and/or Botanical Supplements you are taking with dosage.
  • Shorts or Loose pants if you prefer your own - otherwise, the clinic will provide shorts and a gown.